Is Meek Mill's Clock Running Out?

So here we are, deep in the heart of this Drake and Meek Mill beef. Meek Mill called Drake out for allegedly having ghostwriters and not writing his own stuff. Personally, as long as Drake had a hand in Take Care I don't really care. Good music, is good music. 

There have been plenty of rap feuds, but this has to got to be the most entertaining as of late. What's making this so entertaining for me at least, is how quick witted everyone on the internet is. I mean, the memes are OUT OF CONTROL! And I even saw someone compare this to the Family Guy scene where Brian owed Stewie money. Absolutely hilarious!

With how funny this is and all, what is this doing for Meek and Drake's careers? Meek just had his first number one album and now everyone is speculating that this beef is the end of his career. Drake did kinda sorta son Meek with "Back to Back", but I think this would make Meek Mill come back even harder. So let's just go down the list and see what music we got out of this.


Charged Up

Hotline Bling

Right Hand

Back to Back


Wanna Know

Drake dropped Charged Up, which was super monotone and kinda like "is this what you were looking for?" vibe to it. He also dropped Hotline Bling and Right Hand along with the first diss track. Hotline Bling quickly got downloaded and has been in rotation, HEAVY. Then we got Back to Back. Drake didn't even wait for Meek's response with that one. And that's where the real shots were fired.

I think what really messed Meek Mill up was Funkmaster Flex saying Meek's diss was coming and how hype he was, just for it to not come out. That was a little embarrassing and helped Meek out in no way other than adding to the heckling. Finally, July 30th Funk dropped Meek's track Wanna Know and if we didn't have the internet I think the two tracks would have been able to compete with one another. But it seems like the world is #TeamDrake so Meek really didn't stand a chance. With that being said after this tour he's on with Nicki Mianj, do we think his relationship with the current queen of rap AND career will last or not? The odds were already stacked against him from jump.

Drake is carrying the music industry on his back right now. Can Meek make a come back that will gain the respect back from everyone who lost it for him, or does he need to start working on his resume and putting in those job applications? 

-And just in case you guys are unfamiliar with the infamous Family Guy clip, here it is. Watch now and laugh until your stomach hurts. And you can thank me later me for it.