Ciara Showing Us That Life Goes On.

Twitter has recently gone crazy with their logic on how relationships should work. As we all know once upon a time, Future and Ciara were engaged and had a son which they named...Future. Fast forward to now and the engagement is off, DS2 is taking over, and Ciara is now in a relationship with Russell Wilson.

Pictures circulated earlier today of Ciara at the Seahawks training camp with Baby Future and Russell Wilson holding him. Seeing how the two of them are in a relationship you would think this wasn't newsworthy, right? Well if we live our lives according to Black Twitter's views, wrong. I am very, VERY wrong. 

So here's what Twitter had an issue with. Ciara shouldn't have her son being held by her boyfriend, who she's in a serious relationship with. He shouldn't be holding him or involved in the child's life because Russell Wilson is not the biological father. 

Now here's my issue with this. Because Ciara and Future are no longer in a relationship Ciara can't bring another man into her son's life? When you have kids and you're not in a relationship with the other parent this is something that happens. You date other people, your kid gets introduced to someone else, but hopefully the other parent is still around so nobody is taking the place of actual mom or dad. Future took to Twitter, which seems to be replacing everyone's publicists lately, to basically call Ciara out over the pictures. 

If different men were constantly in and out and they were all meeting the baby, that would be one thing. But this is a serious relationship so this is normal. People were saying that Ciara moved on too fast, and Russell shouldn't be around the baby like that, etc.. What this boils down to is people saying Ciara should be at home with her kid and stuck on Future while he's out fucking bitches in Gucci flip flops and not caring. Hmmm, where is the logic in that? Ciara can't be happy because she's not with Future anymore? Well he's not with any of the mothers of his children either. And when Ciara was in pictures with his other kids nobody said a word. If that's not a double standard, I don't know what is.

When you're dating and have children, they're part of the deal too. I'm not hating on the picture girl. You seem to be happy with your man, and he seems to treat your son nicely. Keep living your life and moving forward and let everyone else, and their openly misogynistic views keep reaching for retweets on twitter.