That Time SBTRKT Came to Atlanta For a Jam Session.

I am a pretty big SBTRKT fan, and I finally got the chance to see him the beginning of this month (June) at Masquerade here in Atlanta. For the opener we had D.R.A.M., who's single "Cha Cha" in my opinion is already the song of the summer. And Raury came to celebrate his birthday as well as perform his feature on the track "Higher". 

When I say this was an amazing show, THIS WAS AN AMAZING SHOW! It felt like it went on for forever, but forever in a good way. We got a 20 minute or so encore that made the night even better, and the crowd loved it. I felt like I was in the middle of a jam session and I got to sing and dance along. When the intro to "Wildfire" slowly started to make its way through the mix, when I tell you I just about lost it...DUDE! And of course "Temporary View" always makes me close my eyes and sway. The entire set I felt like I was sitting in my apartment with a bunch of friends and just vibing out. That is the definition of a great concert if you ask me.

Before coming to the show I heard D.R.A.M.'s song "Cha Cha" through good 'ol Instagram when Queen Beyonce posted a video dancing to it, so naturally I had to listen to the song and I was immediately hooked. I made a Pandora station in hopes of hearing not only more songs like "Cha Cha", but more of D.R.A.M.'s music, and artists alike. Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed when his other stuff didn't make me wanna dance drunkenly on top of a bar but it wasn't terrible. I just took it as I needed to give him another listen when I was in a different mood. Sidenote: I have different moods for how I listen to music, and check out new music. But I'll save that for another post. Fast forward a few weeks later, ya boy remixed the obviously leaked and unfinished Drake ft. Beyonce track "Can I", and when I say I put that on repeat and needed answers immediately on why it was good, D.R.A.M. is pretty damn good in my book. 

Next up we have Raury, who celebrated his 19th birthday at the SBTRKT show and performed his feature and then visibly got his life side stage for the rest of the set. I came across Raury a little before the Outkast At Last concert last September, where he opened up for Outkast alongside Childish Gambino and Kid Cudi. I checked out "Indigo Child" and it took some time to grow on me. I don't know what I was expecting from Raury, but that was definitely not it. Not in a bad way, but I just didn't understand it when I first gave it a listen. His stage presence was enough to definitely make me go back and give it another listen. 

I'm not going to even call what I experienced seeing all of the artists together a "concert", it was definitely a jam session. SBTRKT, D.R.A.M., and Raury thanks for letting me jam with you guys. It was a lot of fun, and hopefully we'll get to do it again soon!