DS2 First Listen

So Future's highly anticipated album "DS2" dropped Friday at midnight and to say I was extremely underwhelmed is an understatement. The album started off extremely strong and then quickly lost steam with each track. A little more than halfway through I ended up just completely turning it off.

The album was super hyped, and the energy didn't follow through for me. Oversold and under delivered. There were no stand out tracks for me, so I'm not going to go into detail about everything. And this is a review strictly off of my first listen. Maybe my mindset just wasn't in the right place to appreciate it, but I will say that everyone who is saying that Future has the album of the year is delusional. Even if I do end up loving this after I go back and give it another listen, album of the year is a reach. Like...everyone really should calm down. 

I also don't go to trap music as my first choice of music so there's that. Maybe the people who got their edges completely snatched off by this album gets their hands on dirty sprite on the regular. Since I don't however, I don't understand everyone falling out over this. DS2 is okay at best, but in a few months it will be lost in the mix just like everything else that's super poppin' for a couple weeks. 

Thanks Apple Music for letting me stream this before I decided to purchase this or not!