Ego Death x The Internet

Summer of 2013, Mac Miller kicked off his "Space Migration" tour with opening acts on all dates, Chance the Rapper, and The Internet. I was already pretty familiar with the Odd Future affiliated group and was definitely a fan of "Purple Naked Ladies" and even more of a "Feel Good" fan. So now we're here and Ego Death is out and on a constant repeat. This album with the exception of "Partners In Crime Part Three" (because quite honestly I just did not care for this song at all) this album was damn near perfect, if there is a such thing as a perfect album. 

Because I know that I can go on and on about each and every song I'm going to pick my top two and tell why these songs made my heartrate speed up. 

  • Special Affair

First off, this song is so damn sexy. And on top of that it makes me feel sexy too. Syd's voice is like butter. The bass line is ridiculous. It's simple yet, does so much for the song. Special Affair honestly makes me wanna get a little grown and sexy. 

  • Just Saying/ I Tried

Just Saying is the ex anthem. God knows I love a good song about heartbreak, exes, love, all of that. The first half reminded me how I felt when I got my heart broken and basically was just trying to figure my shit out after.  

What makes this album so good is that it's relatable. You can pinpoint an emotion in each and every single song and go back to when you felt that way. I think The Internet has achieved the sound that they've been going for or at least on the right track to getting there. This album gets nothing but love from me.