Ciara Showing Us That Life Goes On.

Twitter has recently gone crazy with their logic on how relationships should work. As we all know once upon a time, Future and Ciara were engaged and had a son which they named...Future. Fast forward to now and the engagement is off, DS2 is taking over, and Ciara is now in a relationship with Russell Wilson.

Pictures circulated earlier today of Ciara at the Seahawks training camp with Baby Future and Russell Wilson holding him. Seeing how the two of them are in a relationship you would think this wasn't newsworthy, right? Well if we live our lives according to Black Twitter's views, wrong. I am very, VERY wrong. 

So here's what Twitter had an issue with. Ciara shouldn't have her son being held by her boyfriend, who she's in a serious relationship with. He shouldn't be holding him or involved in the child's life because Russell Wilson is not the biological father. 

Now here's my issue with this. Because Ciara and Future are no longer in a relationship Ciara can't bring another man into her son's life? When you have kids and you're not in a relationship with the other parent this is something that happens. You date other people, your kid gets introduced to someone else, but hopefully the other parent is still around so nobody is taking the place of actual mom or dad. Future took to Twitter, which seems to be replacing everyone's publicists lately, to basically call Ciara out over the pictures. 

If different men were constantly in and out and they were all meeting the baby, that would be one thing. But this is a serious relationship so this is normal. People were saying that Ciara moved on too fast, and Russell shouldn't be around the baby like that, etc.. What this boils down to is people saying Ciara should be at home with her kid and stuck on Future while he's out fucking bitches in Gucci flip flops and not caring. Hmmm, where is the logic in that? Ciara can't be happy because she's not with Future anymore? Well he's not with any of the mothers of his children either. And when Ciara was in pictures with his other kids nobody said a word. If that's not a double standard, I don't know what is.

When you're dating and have children, they're part of the deal too. I'm not hating on the picture girl. You seem to be happy with your man, and he seems to treat your son nicely. Keep living your life and moving forward and let everyone else, and their openly misogynistic views keep reaching for retweets on twitter. 

Is Meek Mill's Clock Running Out?

So here we are, deep in the heart of this Drake and Meek Mill beef. Meek Mill called Drake out for allegedly having ghostwriters and not writing his own stuff. Personally, as long as Drake had a hand in Take Care I don't really care. Good music, is good music. 

There have been plenty of rap feuds, but this has to got to be the most entertaining as of late. What's making this so entertaining for me at least, is how quick witted everyone on the internet is. I mean, the memes are OUT OF CONTROL! And I even saw someone compare this to the Family Guy scene where Brian owed Stewie money. Absolutely hilarious!

With how funny this is and all, what is this doing for Meek and Drake's careers? Meek just had his first number one album and now everyone is speculating that this beef is the end of his career. Drake did kinda sorta son Meek with "Back to Back", but I think this would make Meek Mill come back even harder. So let's just go down the list and see what music we got out of this.


Charged Up

Hotline Bling

Right Hand

Back to Back


Wanna Know

Drake dropped Charged Up, which was super monotone and kinda like "is this what you were looking for?" vibe to it. He also dropped Hotline Bling and Right Hand along with the first diss track. Hotline Bling quickly got downloaded and has been in rotation, HEAVY. Then we got Back to Back. Drake didn't even wait for Meek's response with that one. And that's where the real shots were fired.

I think what really messed Meek Mill up was Funkmaster Flex saying Meek's diss was coming and how hype he was, just for it to not come out. That was a little embarrassing and helped Meek out in no way other than adding to the heckling. Finally, July 30th Funk dropped Meek's track Wanna Know and if we didn't have the internet I think the two tracks would have been able to compete with one another. But it seems like the world is #TeamDrake so Meek really didn't stand a chance. With that being said after this tour he's on with Nicki Mianj, do we think his relationship with the current queen of rap AND career will last or not? The odds were already stacked against him from jump.

Drake is carrying the music industry on his back right now. Can Meek make a come back that will gain the respect back from everyone who lost it for him, or does he need to start working on his resume and putting in those job applications? 

-And just in case you guys are unfamiliar with the infamous Family Guy clip, here it is. Watch now and laugh until your stomach hurts. And you can thank me later me for it. 

Help Sika Fight

There are some things that happen that we have no control over and we can't explain. Sika is a beautiful 23 year old with so much to offer to the world. She has the kindest spirit, and is the best example of a great friend. Sika is also battling stage 4 stomach cancer. As strong as she is dealing with this, she can still use our help. Any and everything helps to cover living and medical expenses. Please tell a friend, and tell them to tell a friend, and donate if you can. Sending positive energy, all the good vibes, and prayers towards you girl. I got your back.

Ego Death x The Internet

Summer of 2013, Mac Miller kicked off his "Space Migration" tour with opening acts on all dates, Chance the Rapper, and The Internet. I was already pretty familiar with the Odd Future affiliated group and was definitely a fan of "Purple Naked Ladies" and even more of a "Feel Good" fan. So now we're here and Ego Death is out and on a constant repeat. This album with the exception of "Partners In Crime Part Three" (because quite honestly I just did not care for this song at all) this album was damn near perfect, if there is a such thing as a perfect album. 

Because I know that I can go on and on about each and every song I'm going to pick my top two and tell why these songs made my heartrate speed up. 

  • Special Affair

First off, this song is so damn sexy. And on top of that it makes me feel sexy too. Syd's voice is like butter. The bass line is ridiculous. It's simple yet, does so much for the song. Special Affair honestly makes me wanna get a little grown and sexy. 

  • Just Saying/ I Tried

Just Saying is the ex anthem. God knows I love a good song about heartbreak, exes, love, all of that. The first half reminded me how I felt when I got my heart broken and basically was just trying to figure my shit out after.  

What makes this album so good is that it's relatable. You can pinpoint an emotion in each and every single song and go back to when you felt that way. I think The Internet has achieved the sound that they've been going for or at least on the right track to getting there. This album gets nothing but love from me.  

DS2 First Listen

So Future's highly anticipated album "DS2" dropped Friday at midnight and to say I was extremely underwhelmed is an understatement. The album started off extremely strong and then quickly lost steam with each track. A little more than halfway through I ended up just completely turning it off.

The album was super hyped, and the energy didn't follow through for me. Oversold and under delivered. There were no stand out tracks for me, so I'm not going to go into detail about everything. And this is a review strictly off of my first listen. Maybe my mindset just wasn't in the right place to appreciate it, but I will say that everyone who is saying that Future has the album of the year is delusional. Even if I do end up loving this after I go back and give it another listen, album of the year is a reach. Like...everyone really should calm down. 

I also don't go to trap music as my first choice of music so there's that. Maybe the people who got their edges completely snatched off by this album gets their hands on dirty sprite on the regular. Since I don't however, I don't understand everyone falling out over this. DS2 is okay at best, but in a few months it will be lost in the mix just like everything else that's super poppin' for a couple weeks. 

Thanks Apple Music for letting me stream this before I decided to purchase this or not!

4th of July Turn Up

It's July 4th and here in Atlanta everyone is out today at the Braves game, barbecuing, or getting ready for fireworks. But if you're like me you're getting a late start on the day drinking and trying to figure out how the rest of the day is going to be spent. However you all are deciding to spend your day I know that it's not in silence. So, here's a BBQ playlist that I know everyone can enjoy with their brews and the company of whoever you're spending the day with. Enjoy and be safe today everyone!

Thundercat Came With A Surprise.

June 22nd, Thundercat decided he wanted to make sure I accomplished nothing all day long. "The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam" was released and I was in my feelings about it all day. One thing that I can genuinely appreciate about Thundercat is I'm always feeling something when I listen. Maybe it's because I tend to be a little more on the sensitive side sometimes, but that's what made me fall in love with music in general and to listen to an artist who constantly is making me feel is refreshing.  

I love this entire piece of work, but I'm going to narrow my favorite tracks down to two. "Lone Wolf and Cub" and "Them Changes". "Hard Times" gets a strong honorable mention. 

"Lone Wolf and Cub" by far just completely sucks me in. First of all, amazing placement putting that right after "Them Changes". Not only am I still kind of in tears about all the heartbreak I thought I was over until "Them Changes" reminded me that i'm not, and I might still be a little hurt about all the love I've had and imagined in my head! But get this, then I'm sucker punched with this deep, brooding bass intro that smoothly transitions me into an almost trancelike state. And Herbie Hancock is also a part of this madness. Can we also talk about the bass break that's leading us out of the song, yet you are still stuck in this jazz-funk coma? Ugh, so good. 

"Them Changes" is the perfect song to play when you are the type of love sick that makes you think there is no way to bounce back. When you fall in love, you generally tend to lose your mind as well and when it's all said and done you feel like your heart has been ripped out. "Somebody tell me how i'm supposed to feel, when I'm sitting here knowing this ain't real." If that's not the definition of heartbreak, I honestly don't know what to tell you. What really made me fall in love with this song was, even though he's heartbroken it's funky. This is how this song came about in my head; guy and girl fall in love, she leaves, and he's heartbroken. Obviously. But he just can not get a grip on it. There is no moving on from this for him. He wants to hate her, and he just might. But she still has his heart. Now all he can do is close his eyes, and take a breath and try to get it together. But clearly it's not working. At least in my head that's how this went down in my head.

Needless to say, this LP was perfectly put together. I love the way everything leads into one another, and before you realize it the six songs have finished and you're sitting there wishing it was longer. I'm also a fan of Flying Lotus and want to give him props for producing on the album as well. I think it's awesome these two can always come together and make amazing music. I don't have a negative thing to say about this at all. Definitely an album that I can listen on repeat and not get sick of. 

That Time SBTRKT Came to Atlanta For a Jam Session.

I am a pretty big SBTRKT fan, and I finally got the chance to see him the beginning of this month (June) at Masquerade here in Atlanta. For the opener we had D.R.A.M., who's single "Cha Cha" in my opinion is already the song of the summer. And Raury came to celebrate his birthday as well as perform his feature on the track "Higher". 

When I say this was an amazing show, THIS WAS AN AMAZING SHOW! It felt like it went on for forever, but forever in a good way. We got a 20 minute or so encore that made the night even better, and the crowd loved it. I felt like I was in the middle of a jam session and I got to sing and dance along. When the intro to "Wildfire" slowly started to make its way through the mix, when I tell you I just about lost it...DUDE! And of course "Temporary View" always makes me close my eyes and sway. The entire set I felt like I was sitting in my apartment with a bunch of friends and just vibing out. That is the definition of a great concert if you ask me.

Before coming to the show I heard D.R.A.M.'s song "Cha Cha" through good 'ol Instagram when Queen Beyonce posted a video dancing to it, so naturally I had to listen to the song and I was immediately hooked. I made a Pandora station in hopes of hearing not only more songs like "Cha Cha", but more of D.R.A.M.'s music, and artists alike. Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed when his other stuff didn't make me wanna dance drunkenly on top of a bar but it wasn't terrible. I just took it as I needed to give him another listen when I was in a different mood. Sidenote: I have different moods for how I listen to music, and check out new music. But I'll save that for another post. Fast forward a few weeks later, ya boy remixed the obviously leaked and unfinished Drake ft. Beyonce track "Can I", and when I say I put that on repeat and needed answers immediately on why it was good, D.R.A.M. is pretty damn good in my book. 

Next up we have Raury, who celebrated his 19th birthday at the SBTRKT show and performed his feature and then visibly got his life side stage for the rest of the set. I came across Raury a little before the Outkast At Last concert last September, where he opened up for Outkast alongside Childish Gambino and Kid Cudi. I checked out "Indigo Child" and it took some time to grow on me. I don't know what I was expecting from Raury, but that was definitely not it. Not in a bad way, but I just didn't understand it when I first gave it a listen. His stage presence was enough to definitely make me go back and give it another listen. 

I'm not going to even call what I experienced seeing all of the artists together a "concert", it was definitely a jam session. SBTRKT, D.R.A.M., and Raury thanks for letting me jam with you guys. It was a lot of fun, and hopefully we'll get to do it again soon!